beaconhealthIn 2014, Value Options and Beacon Health merged to create a more comprehensive health insurance program for members. These members are able to enjoy quality mental health and substance abuse benefits. This is extremely important because when searching for a treatment center, it is vital that insurance companies are able to provide the best reimbursement policies, ensuring better care for their customers.

Drug and alcohol treatment can vary in price. Some long term facilities cost thousands per month, however with insurance from Value Options/Beacon Health, those looking for effective treatment can be assured that they can access the best care.

Get Treatment Help with Your ValueOptions / Beacon Health Plan

Some people will sign up for Value Options/Beacon Health through their employer. These Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are helpful for workers because it allows them to seek treatment for their addiction without the fear of losing their job or getting a demotion for taking time off to enroll in treatment.

Value Options/Beacon Health customers that are looking for treatment for an addiction have a variety of different treatment options available to them. Some people enroll in detoxification programs. Detox programs allow a person to safely come off drugs like opiates, alcohol or benzodiazepines. Oftentimes these are short programs, usually lasting 5 – 14 days.

Other people with more severe addiction are advised to seek long term treatment. These treatment centers specialize in providing quality therapy and coping tools to addicts, while living in an environment that encourages sobriety. In the past outpatient was one of the most common forms of therapy offered by insurance companies. However, outpatient therapy is now considered effective only for people who have already completed a long term inpatient program.

Because there are a variety of options available for Value Options/Beacon Health members, it can be helpful to talk to a drug and alcohol counselor prior to making a decision on the treatment avenue.