United HealthcareOne of the top insurers in the country is United Healthcare. They provide coverage for millions of members and their families through both individual policies as well as group benefit plans. A United Healthcare policy with behavioral health benefits for substance abuse that is part of a PPO network usually opens the door for people to use their coverage at more facilities, opening up their options considerably.

As one of the largest insurance carriers in the country, United Healthcare typically has a wide variety of benefit plans, and each one of those means different levels of benefits for addiction treatment services. For example, one plan may have a higher deductible but lower co-pays, while another has a lower deductible but also a lower yearly maximum, thus limiting benefits. You can find out more specific information about your policy at their site, but they won’t be able to explain all of your substance abuse benefits to you like a treatment center can.

Find Quality Treatment Centers with United Healthcare Coverage

Many treatment centers are able to do benefits checks today to see how well your policy should work with their facility. Our goal is to help you find quality drug and alcohol rehab centers that will take your United Healthcare benefits and provide you or your loved one with top-tier treatment services.

If you would like more information or help locating a center that accepts your insurance plan, contact us today and speak with a representative who can assist you.