umrUnited Medical Resources, or UMR, is an insurance company based out of Ohio. This health insurance company gives their customers access to United Healthcare policies as well as a variety of other insurance companies.

Because UMR utilizes other insurance companies, customers are offered a wide range of policies to choose from. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a mental health and substance abuse policy. Oftentimes customers include mental health and substance abuse policies in their general policy, sometimes they take out a separate policy that would just cover treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Whichever type of policy you have; you can be assured that UMR is equipped to handle your or your family member’s treatment needs.

We can assist you in finding a drug and alcohol rehab program that accepts insurance and do a complimentary benefits check to see how much of the cost of treatment your UMR policy will cover.

Find Treatment Centers that Work with UMR Policies

Locating treatment that accepts UMR insurance is not difficult when you are working with someone who is familiar with the treatment process. This can be helpful because they may know of facilities that have a working relationship with UMR that also fit the criteria that you are looking for in a treatment facility for you or your loved one.

Sometimes people sign up for UMR privately, and sometimes they sign up for UMR through their employer. Both are common, but since the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act, not having health insurance can result in a fine. Understanding that more people are seeking health insurance, UMR has pledged to work with their customers to provide them with the best plans and service, ensuring that they are getting the help they need. Substance abuse and mental health is included in this coverage.