medmutualOhio residents that sign up for Medical Mutual have likely done so because they are looking for quality health insurance coverage. This company that has been in business since 1934 understands this concept. This is an important factor because when looking for a treatment center, quality health insurance allows addicts to enroll in treatment facilities that are effective and will cater their services to the specific clients.

Medical Mutual subscribers may obtain their policies through their employer or they may have taken out a private policy. There are differences in these types of policies but those seeking drug and alcohol treatment can get help with these variations. We can help you learn more about your plan’s benefits and provide rehab center options.

Mental health and substance abuse reimbursement used to not be included in many insurance policies, but since the Affordable Health Care Act insurance companies are now mandated to include these provisions in their policies. This directly benefits those struggling with substance abuse issues, because it opens up more treatment options. Prior to the passing of this and the parity legislation, those who could not afford to pay for treatment often had to wait for openings at state-run facilities. Now that the accessibility to treatment has broadened, more substance abusers are being given a better chance of maintaining sobriety.

Oftentimes loved ones or family members find out about an addiction suddenly. These times can be confusing, stressful and very scary. Navigating insurance benefits and finding treatment centers that accept certain types of policies can be daunting. Medical Mutual policy holders can be assured that this insurance company is committed to covering quality health care in these types of situations. In addition to this assurance, it can be helpful to work with a treatment advocate who knows what treatment facilities work with certain insurance companies.

Call us today to speak with a representative who can assist you in locating a rehab that will take your insurance plan.