magellanPartnering with Magellan Behavioral Health allows those suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse problems to get the best in care. Some people are not aware the substance abuse is actually a mental health issue. Medical experts have classified drug and alcohol abuse as a mental health issue because it has become clear that short term or long term drug use can lead to chemical changes in the brain. This creates problems for the addicts such as; irrational behavior, cravings and poor social interactions.

Addressing chemical dependency by including it in mental health is important because counselors and therapists are trained in helping addicts adjust to life, overcome their addictions and transition back into society. While this is considered a mental health issue, drug addiction is usually addressed in conjunction with medical doctors. In addition to having an extremely negative effect on the brain, drugs also alter the body and can be physically dangerous to come off of. Those that have an opiate, benzodiazepine or alcohol addiction are likely to feel physical pain and sickness while detoxifying from their drug of choice. Experts warn that the transition from drugs to sobriety should be done under the care of a medical professional.

Addicts who have Magellan Behavioral Health can be assured that this company will provide expert care for this multi-faceted issue. This means that the different aspects of treatment, such as outpatient counseling, detoxification, long-term residential programs and others are likely to be covered under your Magellan Behavioral Health policy. Understanding one’s policy is important because sometimes certain benefits allow for different types of treatment.

Magellan Behavioral Health believes treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is a monumental step in overcoming this deadly problem, and insurance coverage should not be a deterrent to admission.

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