humanaHumana is one of the most popular insurance companies in the United States. This insurance company has made it their goal to provide a high quality of care to their customers, this also includes drug and alcohol treatment.

Humana caters to many different types of people. This company offers multiple types of plans, including HMO, PPO and EPO policies This variety ensures that no matter what you are looking for, Humana will have an option for you with benefits that suit your needs.

We can help you locate drug and alcohol rehab programs that will work with your Humana insurance policy to cover the majority of your treatment costs. Although they may provide you with a list of approved providers, this usually doesn’t mean that you’re limited to only those facilities. In fact, there are many quality drug rehabilitation facilities throughout the country that accept insurance as a form of payment to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Let us help you find a rehab program and do a complimentary benefits check to see how much your insurance plan will cover.

Learn More about Humana Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Sometimes people are unsure what the difference is between Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMO). Humana customers that sign up for PPO plans generally have the freedom to pick any drug and alcohol treatment provider they want. Even if the provider does not generally work with Humana, PPO customers have out of network benefits so treatment will be covered. Humana customers that have an HMO plan have agreed to stay in network. This means that they will have their drug and alcohol rehabilitation covered if they attend a facility that works with Humana. It can be confusing determining what treatment center is the best fit, personally and financially. Sometimes it helps to talk to a drug and alcohol counselor before making this decision.

Having mental health and substance abuse insurance is important when determining what sort of treatment is necessary. People who do not have health insurance often have to pay for the full cost of a private treatment program or get on a waiting list for a facility that accepts public assistance. Regardless of your price range or level of coverage through Humana, we will do our best to help you find the treatment solutions you’re looking for.