InsuranceThere is often a lot of confusion that surrounds health insurance coverage, especially when it comes to whether or not an individual policy will pay for substance abuse treatment. An HMO plan is usually one that has lower premiums but no out-of-network benefits at all. In other words, in order to get the insurance to pay for something that is covered by your policy, you have to enroll in a drug or alcohol rehab program that is in their network and stays within their guidelines and management concept fee schedules.

On the positive side, this often means that any out-of-pocket expenses are often more predictable and you’re often able to save more money as a result. The only real difficulty about an HMO is that your choices are limited since the programs have to be in-network. Sometimes people give up easily on trying to find better programs and only choose the closest ones that are listed on their insurance carrier’s website or printed in their booklet, but what if there are more options?

We have helped families from all over the country connect up with rehabs that are in-network for many different insurance companies. If you have an HMO policy and are looking for a treatment center that will work with your policy, contact us today and see if we can help you as well.