compsychLocating drug and alcohol treatment using your ComPsych health insurance is not difficult when you have a treatment advocate assisting you. This insurance company focuses on providing services that allow customers easy access to mental health and substance abuse programs around the country.

ComPsych offers their services through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). These types of programs are designed to allow employees to work through personal problems without the fear of losing their job or having their employment affected in anyway. Companies with more than 50 or more full-time employees typically provide these programs, and ComPsych is one of the leading companies that works with EAP arrangements.

Approaching one’s boss or superior about a substance abuse issue may seem intimidating, but with the assurance of privacy and understanding that EAPs provide, those suffering from an addiction problem can focus on rehabilitation with the knowledge that their job is secure.

ComPsych has chosen to focus on mental health and substance abuse because it is one of the leading causes of death in this country. Suicides and over doses have become an epidemic and studies show that long term treatment is the most effective way to treat these recoverable problems.

However, sometimes a person is unable to commit to a long-term treatment facility. In these cases, ComPsych offers policies that allow for outpatient treatment, counseling visits with a psychiatrist or psychologist and detoxification programs.

Contact us today if you would like help finding a drug or alcohol rehab program that can work with your insurance.