bcbsinsThe Blue Cross Blue Shield network of insurance carriers is the largest provider of healthcare benefits in the nation, and is actually made up of dozens of individual companies in different states and locations. There are 36 BCBS members in all, including such notables as Anthem, Premera, Highmark, CareFirst, Regence, Wellmark and Hirizon. There are also Federal 105 and Federal 112 policies.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield network provides insurance coverage to over 100 million Americans spanning all 50 states and is accepted at nearly 90 percent of traditional healthcare providers. However, when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s not so straightforward. Despite major advancements in laws regulating insurance benefits for substance abuse and mental health treatments, there are still many variations in coverage, especially between different BCBS providers and policies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Treatment Coverage

One recent difficulty with many Blue Cross Blue Shield carriers is not allowing any out-of-network benefits, even with PPO plans. Whereas this was previously only reserved for HMO plans, the carriers are trying to cut down on their payouts to pad their bottom line. On the downside, this means that they are limiting the options people have when choosing an addiction treatment center, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to only a few centers. You can often get a list of in-network providers from their website, but that still doesn’t paint the full picture for you.

We continually look for more rehab facilities that provide high quality treatment that accept all kinds of insurance policies, especially Blue Cross Blue Shield, and will do our best to help you locate one or more that will work with your specific plan or policy. After all, you work hard to pay your monthly premiums, so you should be able to access the best care possible with your benefits.

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