assuranthealthAssurant Health is in insurance company committed to providing their clients with dependable service for all their healthcare needs. Drug and alcohol treatment is a healthcare issue that many people throughout the country have had to struggle with. In fact, drug abuse is so common that many insurance companies like Assurant Health have been prompted to add drug treatment to most of their policies.

There are different types of treatment that Assurant Health members have access to, outpatient, detoxification and long term stays. It is generally suggested that outpatient treatment is usually an option for people who have completed a long term treatment and are looking for additional support to maintain their sobriety.

Assurant Health Covers Multiple Addiction Treatment Services

Detoxification is a treatment module that many addicts do first when they are enrolling in long term treatment. Detoxification is oftentimes necessary for people who are addicted to drugs like; benzodiazepines, opiates and alcohol. Generally, long term treatment has been found to be the most successful type of treatment for addicts who are looking to overcome their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Long term treatment can be expensive for those that do not have insurance. However, Assurant Health members can rely on their policies for coverage and be assured that they are going to get the best in care.

While Assurant Health is committed to helping all their clients with their treatment needs, it can be difficult navigating through one’s policy to determine what sort of coverage is included. We can help you understand more about how your insurance policy works with rehab centers and assist you in locating a facility that accepts your plan. Contact us today.