amerihealthAmeriHealth is offers quality health care services and products for people primarily in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, coverage with this award-winning carrier doesn’t mean that you are necessarily limited to finding a drug or alcohol rehab center in these states.

As with most behavioral health plans, benefits extend beyond the initial network of providers, giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose a treatment provider that best suits your needs. In some cases they may be local, while other times they could be across the country.

Find Rehabs that Accept AmeriHealth

If you have AmeriHealth coverage and would like to find a rehab center that will work with your insurance. contact us today to find out if we can help. We will do our best to match you up with facilities that can do benefits checks and give you a best estimation of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment and your specific deductibles and co-pays.

You can always get in-network provider information from the AmeriHealth site here, but also take the time to see if we can help you find additional information and resources for rehabilitation services.

We can also help you learn more about what types of rehab programs are out there so that you can make a more informed decision about which type of treatment would be best for your situation.