amerigroupOne of the biggest barriers to finding the best treatment center is to locate one that accepts your insurance. Because long term, inpatient treatment can be expensive, utilizing insurance is oftentimes necessary. However, coverage varies depending on the policy, state and type of rehabilitation facility. In order to obtain accurate coverage information, treatment facilities or treatment advocates can decipher a policy and explain the terms of coverage regarding treatment. Some policies will cover long term care, while others will pay for shorter treatment stays. Each policy is unique.

Amerigroup is an insurance company that services people in Washington, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and Maryland. The company was founded on the core values of being accountable, caring, easy to do business with, innovative and trustworthy. In keeping with their methodology, Amerigroup is committed to helping their customers attain the best type of treatment available to them.

Amerigroup Insurance for Addiction Treatment

After the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many treatment centers began to expand the number of insurance companies they work with. This means that certain treatment centers tend to work with certain insurance companies. Navigating the ins and outs of what treatment center works with what insurance company can be difficult and overwhelming. Many people decide to work with a drug and alcohol counselor that can help guide the addict to certain treatment centers that accept their insurance.

Oftentimes insurance companies like Amerigroup pay for different levels of treatment, depending on the addict and their circumstances. One level of care that some people opt to enroll in is called outpatient care. This type of treatment often requires the person to travel daily to an outpatient clinic where they receive counseling, drug testing and can learn to implement tools that will help them maintain their sobriety. This type of treatment is usually reserved for people who have already undergone inpatient treatment, or who have a less severe type of addiction.

For those that have a more long-lasting or intense addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, Amerigroup also covers inpatient treatment stays, depending on the individual’s policy and circumstances. This allows an addict to take the time and immerse himself in treatment without the financial worries of funding the stay. While the client is learning the tools and strategies necessary to maintaining a drug-free life, they can be assured that Amerigroup is behind the scenes taking care of their stay. Some clients can expect to get up to 45 days of coverage by Amerigroup, this is a savings of thousands of dollars.

Once the family or the addict himself has the realization that treatment is necessary, quick action is vital. AmeriGroup has pledged that they help their clients in times of need and are quick to answer when it comes to treating a drug and/or alcohol addiction.

If you would like help finding a rehab center that can work with your Amerigroup insurance policy, contact us today.