rehabsforwomenThere are times when gender-specific programs are more appropriate for an individual. In the case of women, this is often when they need to be able to still care for their children while in treatment, if they are pregnant, or when there are major trauma issues that need to be addressed in a more nurturing environment.

For these and many other reasons, there are drug and alcohol rehab programs that have varying degrees of separation for the sexes. This is done in varying ways. Sometimes they just have different rooms for gender-specific groups or classes, or they may have separate wings or buildings on the campus.

There are also some treatment centers that cater specifically and only to women. These facilities specialize in dealing with issues that are both universal for addition but also very personalized for women.

Gender-based treatment and counseling services help to cover more in-depth issues related primarily to women. Sometimes the ability to be more vulnerable in a rehab setting is easier for women if there aren’t any men around. This vulnerability is often seen by counselors and therapists to be key in uncovering the real problems that need to be tended to in order to remain sober and have a better life.

Other times it may be better to addend a coed facility that has an individualized treatment approach because it more closely approximates real life. If you’re considering a rehabilitation center and want to know more about the pros and cons of women-only rehabs, contact us today. We’ll do our best to help answer your questions and find appropriate treatment facilities.