teen rehabDo you have a teenager or adolescent who is abusing drugs and alcohol and is in need of treatment? Finding an appropriate facility may not be all that easy.

First, there are a few questions to ask, such as whether or not the substance abuse is serious enough to warrant an inpatient program, or if outpatient care is sufficient. There are certainly risks and benefits to both. On one hand, having your teenage son or daughter home each night and attending outpatient treatment typically allows them to be able to continue going to school. This also means that they are subject to the same negative influences daily that played a role in their substance abuse to begin with, which can hamper the rehabilitation process.

Inpatient Treatment for Adolescents

There are multiple benefits to sending your teenager to an inpatient rehab center for their drug or alcohol problem. The first thing is that they are in a controlled environment where the treatment process can begin to take effect. Most reputable adolescent facilities provide teachers or instruction so that they can also continue their school work, whether the lessons are provided by the teen’s school or they participate in appropriate alternative methods such as online classes.

A long-term residential program can help give your teen the foundation that he or she needs in order to combat the stresses and influences that led them to addiction. They can learn to function in social settings with other teens without the use of drugs or alcohol and learn coping skills for relapse prevention as well.

Like any sound treatment plan, adolescents need strong support and aftercare following their inpatient program. This includes not just help from their parents and other close family and friends, but also often includes follow-up outpatient counseling and additional sober activities to participate in.

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