Inpatient drug rehabs come in all shapes, sizes, forms, lengths of time and costs. Probably the most common type is a typical 30-day inpatient program that is often followed by some type of continued services such as outpatient treatment or recovery support groups. Some rehabs are shorter than a month, while others can last for several months or more.

Inpatient treatment may consist of individual as well as group counseling sessions, in association with additional activities, classes or therapy. These therapies can include medication, yoga, outdoor activities, art, exercise, equine, religious studies and any number of other things.

On many occasions, what happens before and after a residential program is just as important as the treatment at the facility. For example, a well-executed intervention with proper detoxification can make the treatment process more agreeable, just as the right recovery plan after treatment can ensure long-term sobriety and success in life.

The benefits of inpatient programs include having a distraction-free environment to focus on the underlying problems, having 24-hour monitoring and help during the critical times of discomfort as well as a number of other positive attributes.

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