You have come to the conclusion that based on your loved one’s behavior, he or she may need help to handle the addiction. This is where the process can get overwhelming for most families. Going on the internet and calling treatment centers directly can actually hinder the decision making process for a lot of people. There are many different types of treatment options out there, and each one is likely to tell you that they are the best option.

There are different modalities, prices, locations and success rates, and every treatment center believes they offer what your loved one needs. While there may be more than one place that fits your needs, there are certainly some that won‘t.

The biggest mistake we see families make is to underestimate the level of care their loved one needs and settle for a lesser option. This is done for a number of reasons, and the most prevalent being that a shorter-term or less effective approach is all your loved one is willing to do. Families understandably have a tendency to take the path of least resistance and will make hasty decisions without being fully informed of all possible options.

You do not have to make the same mistake we have seen and heard other families make. Speaking with an experienced treatment consultant who is knowledgeable regarding treatment options, insurance coverage and what will work best for your loved one is the best way to guarantee you are getting the best possible care with the resources you have available.

We can help you locate various types of rehabs so that you can make an informed decision. We have many years of experience helping families find treatment programs that fit their needs and increase their overall chances for a long-term, stable recovery. For more information, take a look at this checklist for choosing a rehab or contact us today.