When searching for a drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment center, cost is usually a factor for most people. Some families are surprised to hear how expensive certain facilities can be, while others are looking for something that doesn’t cost them anything.

The fact is, even the charities and other non-profits require money. Whether that money comes through direct payments from individuals, benefits payouts from insurance companies, grants and donations or government contracts, there are costs associated with running rehab centers.

Of course the most expensive places are the exclusive luxury facilities with a price tag of over $100,000 for a long-term stay. On the opposite end of the spectrum would be publicly-funded programs, but they generally have waiting lists for inpatient centers, which isn’t usually an options. In the middle is a very wide range of costs that are based on multiple things such as location, facility, staff, length of stay and other factors.

What Does the Average Drug Rehab Cost?

A rough estimate of the average cost of an inpatient rehabilitation program is about $12,000 per month. This of course can vary and plenty of facilities can be found that are above or below that cost, but that is a general guideline that we have seen. That means that a longer-term program can be close to $40,000 for 90 days or more.

For people who have insurance, this of course can help cover some or all of the out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes there are other ways of helping to bring down the costs as well, such as partial scholarships and/or other outside funding that the treatment facility may receive.

If you are searching for a reputable inpatient drug rehab, feel free to contact us today for more information on what options are available. We will do our best to help find something that is affordable and that also provides effective addiction treatment services.