Christian rehab programToo often people set aside their faith when seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem, yet conviction in their beliefs and trust in God can be the most powerful form of healing. Following the path that Jesus Christ laid out for anyone to have a happy life now and with our Lord and Savior in Heaven is exactly the guidance that many people need to help them stay sober.

There are many variations of Christian-based drug ad alcohol rehab programs. Some centers are more traditional in their treatment approach, but have regular Bible study classes, sermons and worship. Other facilities offer a Christian track within their menu of services. There are also programs that are either directly run or sponsored by churches of different Christian denominations. The latter ones are almost exclusively centered around faith-based activities and rarely incorporate other forms of treatment or counseling.

How Can I Find a Christian-Based Treatment Facility?

Since there are a broad range of degrees of Christian-based activities in rehab centers, this can make them more or less difficult to find, depending on what type you’re looking for. One way is to ask your local church if they are aware of or connected to any rehabs that they recommend. You can usually approach your Pastor or an Elder and get some guidance that way. Another is by conducting a search online, though the results can sometimes be confusing. There is also the Federal Treatment Facility Locator, but those will only include licensed programs and most Christian-based rehabs are exempt from having to be licensed.

Another benefit of Christian drug rehabs is that they are usually longer-term. It is not uncommon for one of these programs to last six months, a year or longer. The extra time helps to develop life skills guided by Christ to help people live clean, sober and happy.

If you are looking for a Christian-based drug or alcohol treatment center, contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you.