Despite being such a small state in size, there are still nearly 60 drug and alcohol treatment centers in Rhode Island that together serve about 10,000 people at a time. While the availability of programs seems to be a positive attribute, the down side is that only about 4% of the people in treatment in Rhode Island are enrolled in an inpatient or residential facility.

The total number of people receiving treatment for substance abuse problems in Rhode Island has increased in recent years by more than 20%, per the single-day counts each year. If you’re looking for a drug or alcohol rehab program for yourself or someone else from Rhode Island, we can help. Check out the list of facilities below by clicking on a city, or call us to speak with a treatment consultation about more options and rehabilitation centers.

Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Information

In a single-day count, 10,404 people in Rhode Island were enrolled in substance use treatment, which represents a pretty significant increase compared to a few years earlier.

Rhode Island treatment enrollments

Among the people in Rhode Island enrolled in a drug or alcohol rehab program in a single-day count, 45.4% were in treatment for drug use only, 18.2% were in treatment for alcohol use only, and 36.5% were in treatment for both drug and alcohol use

Rhode Island rehab percentages

In Rhode Island, about 86,000 individuals aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused alcohol within the previous year. About 37,000 individuals aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused illicit drugs within the past year as well.

About 62,000 adults in Rhode Island aged 21 or older reported heavy alcohol use within the previous month.

In Rhode Island, among people aged 12 or older with alcohol dependence or abuse, about 6,000 of them received treatment for their alcohol use within the year prior to being surveyed.

In a single-day count, 3,505 people in Rhode Island were receiving methadone as part of their substance use treatment, and 715 were receiving buprenorphine. Methadone patients have increased slightly, but remained fairly steady overall, while those taking buprenorphine have more than doubled.

Among Rhode Island residents aged 12 or older with illicit drug dependence or abuse, about 6,000 received treatment for their illicit drug use within the previous year.

Rhode Island Drug Rehabs by City

Rhode Island Addiction Recovery Support

– Free Spirit Area (Southern RI) Phone: 401.461-1110
– Greater Providence Area Phone: 401.461-1110
– New England Region (RI Statewide) Phone: 866.624-3578

Rhode Island State Agency Resources

RI Dept of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hosp
14 Harrington Road
Barry Hall
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone Number: (401)-462-1000
Fax Number: (401)-462-6078