Illinois has nearly 650 drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities throughout the state. These include many types of programs across the continuum of care. For example, 108 of them offer residential rehabilitation services, and 25 have inpatient hospital treatments. Some of these include detoxification, as well as long-term inpatient programs.

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Illinois Addiction Treatment Information

In a single-day count there were 43,838 persons in Illinois were enrolled in substance use treatment, which was only a slight decrease from 43,889 persons in 2008.

Illinois treatment enrollments

Among people in Illinois enrolled in substance use treatment in a single-day count, 34.7% were in treatment for a drug problem only, 22.0% were in treatment for an alcohol problem only, and 43.3% were in treatment for problems with both drugs and alcohol.

Illinois rehab percentages

Roughly 770,000 aged 12 or older per year were dependent on or abused alcohol within the year prior to being surveyed, and another 255,000 were dependent on or abused illicit drugs during the same time.

There were more than 680,000 people in Illinois who reported heavy alcohol use within the month prior to being surveyed. Of these, about 1 in 50 received treatment for alcohol use within the year prior to being surveyed.

Among people with alcohol dependence or abuse, about 42,000 persons per year received treatment for their alcohol use in Illinois the previous year, and about 34,000 received treatment for their illicit drug use.

More than 11,300 people a day in Illinois receive methadone as part of their substance use treatment, and another 1,230 receive buprenorphine. The methadone patients have remained fairly steady in recent years, but those on buprenorhpine have increased significantly.

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Illinois Drug Rehabs by City

Illinois Recovery Support

– Mid-West Zonal Forum
– Southern Zonal Forum
– Quincy/Hannibal Area
– Greater Illinois Region Phone: 800.539-0475
– Living the Dream Area (Springfield, Jacksonville) Phone: 800.539-0475
– Only One Promise Area (Decatur) Phone: 800.539-0475
– Primary Purpose Area (Champaign, Urbana, Danville, Tilton) Phone: 800.539-0475
– Heart of IL Area (Peoria, Galesburg, Canton, Mapleton, Kewanee, Havana, Macomb) Phone: 800.539-0475
– Chicagoland Region Phone: 708.848-4884
– Quad Cities Area (Rock Island) Phone: 563.328-5228
– Little Egypt Area (Carbondale,Centralia,Fairfield,Harrisburg,Mt Carmel,Mt Vernon,Salem,Sparta) Phone: 618.322-3178
– South Central MO Area (Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Lebanon, Richland, Rolla, St Robert) Phone: 618.322-3178
– Across The River Area (Olney, Harrisburg) Phone: 877.642-5831
– Chicago Service Office Phone: 708.450-1880
– Rock River Area (Rockford) Phone: 888.656-7329

Illinois State Agency Recources

Illinois Department of Human Services – Substance Abuse
401 South Clinton Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone Number: (312)-814-8755
Fax Number: (312)-814-4964