Finding Drug Rehab in Georgia Near Me

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, seeking the professional treatment of a Georgia drug rehab center may seem overwhelming. There are so many highly-rated programs to choose from, each offering a wide range of amenities and treatment services. Deciding on the best treatment for your needs can be daunting—but hardly impossible.

If you’re ready to find help and get sober once and for all, call 1-800-379-8124 to speak with a treatment specialist. This helpline is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab in Georgia

You’ve already made the choice to get help and you’re considering the steps necessary to break the chain of addiction, but how can you be sure that you are making the best choice in care? We recommend you review all of your options, mull over the programs available locally to serve you, and speak with a professional about the amenities and treatment offerings that can be found throughout Georgia before you make a final decision on treatment and care.

When choosing Georgia drug rehab, consider the following:

• Location
• Cost
• Amenities
• Insurance
• Staff
• Credentials
• Treatment programs

Personal considerations may include whether or not the facility offers executive treatment or upscale programs, whether friends or family will be allowed to visit, and whether medical treatment for underlying health conditions may be provided.

Because treatment for addiction is such an important step in your life, consider this an investment into your future—do proper research in advance to ensure that you find and choose the best program for your unique needs. If you need help finding the right Georgia drug rehab for yourself or someone you love, call 1-800-379-8124 and let us help you.

Georgia Addiction Statistics

Overdose is a HUGE concern in Georgia. In 2014 more than 1200 people died as a result of drug overdose in the state. Studies estimate that 3% of the entire state population is struggling with addiction to drugs such as heroin, prescription painkillers, methamphetamine or cocaine. Further, the majority of the state outranks the national average for drug overdoses impacting the some 250K residents that are addicted.

Ready to Change Your Life?

Are you ready to get help and overcome addiction? Georgia drug rehab centers provide diverse care that is tailored to the unique treatment needs of each patient. You will find:

• Inpatient rehab
• Outpatient rehab
• Support groups
• 12-step programs
• Non-twelve step programs
• Aftercare

Most rehab facilities accept various forms of payment to help patients cover the costs of professional care. Whether you have health insurance that will pay for all or part of the cost of rehab or you need to finance your recovery, options are available to assist you each step of the way.

Our helpline is available toll-free, around-the-clock to help you find and choose a Georgia drug rehab program that’s ideal for your unique needs. Give us a call at 1-800-379-8124 to begin the journey to recovery.

Rehab Programs in Georgia

Georgia has about 250 rehabs for drug and alcohol addiction throughout the state. These facilities serve more than 20,000 people a day at any given time, though just over 10% of the people enrolled in treatment services attend inpatient or residential programs. There is still an overwhelming need for successful addiction treatment programs throughout the state.

If you’re looking for a rehab for someone in Georgia, we can help. Feel free to browse the program listings by city below, or contact us for complimentary assistance in locating a quality drug rehab center. We can also help answer questions you might have and connect you with additional treatment services such as insurance benefits check and intervention specialists.

Georgia Addiction Treatment Information

In a single-day count, more than 21,000 people in Georgia were enrolled in substance use treatment, which was a modest increase from just over 19,000 five years earlier.

Among the people in Georgia who were enrolled in substance use treatment in a single-day count, 51.8% were in treatment for a drug problem only, 14.0% were in treatment for an alcohol problem only, and 34.2% were in treatment for problems with both drugs and alcohol.

In Georgia, over 430,000 people aged 12 or older per year were dependent on or abused alcohol within the year prior to being surveyed. Nearly 170,000 people who were dependent on or abused illicit drugs.

More than 410,000 people in Georgia 21 or older reported heavy alcohol use within the month prior to being surveyed. Of these, about 1 in 40 received treatment for alcohol use within the year prior to being surveyed.

Among people in Georgia aged 12 or older with alcohol dependence or abuse, about 26,000 received treatment for their alcohol use within the year prior to being surveyed.

In a single-day count, more than 8,500 people in Georgia were receiving methadone as part of their substance use treatment, and 315 were receiving buprenorphine. While the latter is still a small number, it has more than doubled, and the number of methadone patients has also increase significantly in recent years.

Among the people in Georgia who were 12 or older with illicit drug dependence or abuse, about 25,000 persons per year received treatment for their illicit drug use within the year prior to being surveyed.

Georgia Drug Rehabs by City

Georgia Recovery Support

– Georgia Region
– South Georgia Area Phone: 888.490-0648
– Midtown Atlanta Area Phone: 404.795-0355
– South Atlanta Area Phone: 404.447-8445
– Piedmont Area (Macon, Warner Robins) Phone: 888.677-8810
– East End Area (Conyers, Monroe, Lawrenceville) Phone: 678.405-0840
– Chattahoochee-Flint River Area (Columbus, La Grange, Woodbury, Warm Springs) Phone: 706.576-9606
– Central Savannah River Area (Augusta) Phone: 706.855-2419
– Northeast Area (Athens, Gainesville) Phone: 888.947-7262
– North Atlanta Area Phone: 678.405-0825
– Marietta Area (Smyrna) Phone: 770.421-8881
– Savannah Low Country Area Phone: 478.892-0085
– Coastal Area (Kingsland, Hinesville, Baxley, Statesboro, Darien) Phone: 800.334-3322

Georgia State Agency Resources

Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities
2 Peachtree Street, NW
22nd Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303-3171
Phone Number: (404)-657-2331
Fax Number: (404)-657-6417