Finding Drug Rehab in Colorado Near Me

A decade-long war against prescription drug abuse and the influx of heroin and other dangerous substances has plagued Colorado residents. Drug rehab centers in Colorado aim to provide the stepping stone towards recovery and healing that is vital to those struggling with addiction but less than 2% of the individuals who truly need help ever find themselves in professional care.

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, call 1-800-379-8124 to speak with a rehab specialist about the addiction treatment programs available in Colorado to assist you. Our helpline is available 24 hours a day to serve your needs.

Choosing the Best Colorado Drug Rehab

The decision to take back full control of your life and no longer allow drugs or alcohol to rule is life changing and challenging too. Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself, a spouse, family member or friend, this step can be crucial to your recovery. Here are some factors to consider in choosing a drug rehab:

• Cost. Can you afford the treatment? Is insurance accepted? Are there sliding fee programs?

• Location. If you’re attending an outpatient rehab program, is the facility close to your home or place of employment so that you can easily get to the regularly scheduled counseling sessions? If you’re considering inpatient drug rehab in Colorado, is the facility set far enough away from the situations and locations that trigger your addiction so that you’ll be able to effectively focus on your healing?

• Effectiveness. How effective is the rehabilitation program? Are dual diagnosis treatment options provided to help you heal from both drug abuse and any underlying physical or mental illnesses? Are patients satisfied with the treatment that they have received at the center?

• Staff. Is there adequate staff to assist you and provide one-on-one time for recovery? Are staff members licensed to provide substance abuse counseling and therapy? How are staff members screened to ensure your safety?

• Amenities. Does the facility offer the treatment programs that you need for recovery? What amenities are provided? Will you feel comfortable while in the care of the Colorado rehab center?

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you better understand the various rehab options available to you in Colorado. To find the right drug or alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one, call 1-800-379-8124 and let us help you.

Get Help Today

Did you know that 900 people died from opiate related overdose last year in Colorado alone? Sadly, the majority of those who are addicted to prescription drugs don’t get the help that they need. If you’re ready to get sober, call our helpline to speak with an advisor about the various substance abuse treatment options that are available in Colorado to help you.

You may require up to 120-days or longer in rehab depending on the severity of your addiction, but most people are able to make substantial progress towards recovery in just 30 to 90-days. An advisor can help you better understand the various inpatient and outpatient rehab services that you can choose from. Talk to an advisor for free by calling 1-800-379-8124 today.

Rehab Programs in Colorado

There are reportedly 448 drug and alcohol rehabs in Colorado, though just 62 offer residential rehabilitation and only 9 have inpatient hospital treatment. Some of these facilities also offer detoxification, and 41 have long-term programs. As with most other states, the majority of people receiving treatment in Colorado are left with only outpatient choices.

Drug and alcohol rehab professionals agree that inpatient rehabs offer a more structured and secure environment for an individual to focus on his or her substance abuse and accompanying issues. We can assist you in finding an inpatient drug rehab center as well as connect you up with other treatment resources and even help verify your insurance benefits.

Contact us today for more information on finding a drug rehab program for someone from Colorado, or click on a city below to browse facility listings.

Colorado Addiction Treatment Information

On the latest single-day count there were 38,825 people in Colorado who were enrolled in substance use treatment, which is a slight increase compared to five years earlier.

Among persons in Colorado enrolled in substance use treatment on that single-day count, 22.7% were in treatment for a drug problem only, 36.9% were in treatment for an alcohol problem only, and 40.4% were in treatment for problems with both drugs and alcohol.

In Colorado, about 370,000 people aged 12 or older are dependent on or abused alcohol, and less than 40,000 of them receive treatment in a given year.

Close to 120,000 people in Colorado aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused illicit drugs within the year prior to being surveyed.

Nearly 255,000 people in the state aged 21 or older reported heavy alcohol use within the month prior to being surveyed. Of these, about 1 in 15 received treatment for alcohol use within the year prior to being surveyed.

In a single-day count in 2012, 2,262 persons in Colorado were receiving methadone as part of their substance use treatment, and 269 were receiving buprenorphine. Both of these were significant increases compared to just five years earlier.

Among those aged 12 or older with illicit drug dependence or abuse in Colorado, about 20,000 people per year received treatment for their illicit drug use within the year prior to being surveyed.

Colorado Drug Rehabs by City

Colorado Recovery Support

– Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum
– Mile High Area (Denver) Phone: 303.832-3784
– Colorado Springs, Salida, Securtiy, Cascade Phone: 719.637-1580
– Southern Colorado Phone: 719.994-1479
– Boulder Area Phone: 303.412-2884
– Serenity Unlimited Area (Grand Junction, Delta, Telluride, Hotchkiss, Montrose) Phone: 970.201-1133
– Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud, Estes Park Phone: 970.282-8079
– Colorado Region Phone: 970.458-5081
– Mountain High Area (Steamboat Springs, Craig) Phone: 970.879-4357

Colorado State Agency Resources

Colorado Department of Human Services
3824 West Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236-3111
Phone Number: (303)-866-7400
Fax Number: (303)-866-7481