Charitable Organizations Help Fight Against Drug Abuse

fundingWhile our nation struggles with the ongoing drug and alcohol epidemic, charitable organizations are stepping up to the plate to offer assistance. For the most part, individual states fund many rehabilitation facilities, community outreach projects and the public services that monitor and prevent further drug activity. The millions of dollars that go into fighting the drug problem is enough to bankrupt any state, however with the help of organizations that sponsor addicts to go into treatment, host educational seminars and generally help the community, states are able to reach more addicts and families than ever before.

One of the largest reasons many charities have developed and gotten involved with the drug plight our communities are facing is because they see the need for further education. Oftentimes charities and organizations are developed after someone loses a loved one to an addiction. Taking the knowledge that many wished they had when the addiction first started and imparting that knowledge onto others is a driving force behind many foundations.

As the number of children in foster care grows due to parents addicted to drugs, and as more and more babies continue to be born already addicted to some sort of substance, it is clear that the need for education and prevention is greater than ever before. Charitable organizations look to helping those with addiction problems before it is too late. “To have a true, long-lasting impact on addiction, on the drug problem substance abuse in general, I’m absolutely convinced we have to be just as much about prevention, treatment and recovery as we are about enforcement,” explained Booth Goodwin, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Goodwin recently spoke at a conference dedicated to those who have developed different non-profit organizations to help fight against drug abuse. During the conference, Goodwin acknowledged that the drug problem is getting worse, especially with the increased amount of heroin on the streets. According to him, states and communities truly need help from charities to further educate and prevent new addicts from developing the deadly disease.

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    looking to do a charity event to help drug addicts in our town of Mastic NY do you know if a charity exists for something like this in mastic ny that we can speak with about a fund raiser we would like to do?

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