Prescription drugs have been a major problem in the United States for many years now. They’re among the most abused substances in the country and also cause the most overdose deaths. The most common medications that are abused include painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers and stimulants.

Prescription drug abuse happens in more than one way. Sometimes people become dependent on their prescribed medications, wind up taking too much and then develop an addiction to them. Other times people take medications not prescribed to them either in an attempt to provide some kind of relief or to intentionally abuse them in order to get high.

How do people who abuse prescription drugs get them?

rxabuseprogressionThere are several ways that people obtain pharmaceuticals to abuse. One of the most common is from other people’s prescriptions – either they are just given away, or they are taken from medicine cabinets and night stands. Another way is to buy them off the street from a dealer or online through illegal websites. There is also a large amount of prescription drug fraud carried out, either through doctor shopping (getting multiple prescriptions from more than one doctor at a time) or writing out fake prescriptions.

There has been a major effort in recent years to reduce the number of people who are abusing or addicted to prescription drugs. These include prescription drug take-back events sponsored by the DEA and local law enforcement agencies, prescription drug monitoring programs for doctors and pharmacists, the development of tamper-resistant medications and many other ways.

It is also worth mentioning that there are people dependent on many other types of prescription drugs who need assistance to stop taking them. There are specialty facilities and hospitals that can help people wean off their medications in an attempt to live prescription-free. In most cases, people who are abusing or dependent on prescriptions are also using other substances, and careful measures should be taken during the detoxification period.

If you’re having a problem with prescription drugs and would like to know what kind of help is available, contact us today and speak with a substance abuse consultant who can assist you in locating applicable resources.