addictionWhile there may be 25 million active substance abusers in the United States, thankfully that doesn’t mean that all of them are fully addicted to the alcohol or drugs they are using. Recent studies have shown that most of the people who are abusing alcohol or other drugs don’t fall in the category of addiction.

Addiction is generally defined as the habitual use of a harmful substance with an uncontrollable urge to continue at all costs, despite the damage it causes physically, mentally and socially.

The good news is that with the right forms of intervention, treatment and aftercare someone who has had problems with drugs or alcohol is able to fully recover. One of the many shifts in the addiction treatment field is the recognition that there can be multiple forms of rehabilitation that can be effective for various levels of substance abuse, and that not everyone must be labeled as an addict. In this type of landscape, both 12 step and non-12 step treatment centers can thrive in their pursuit to help people reach stable sobriety.

People can become temporarily addicted to a substance, though if left unchecked by not doing something about it, the addiction can grow and continue to get worse. Since addiction is a destructive behavior, the end result is eventually death. This can be slowed, halted and even reversed in many, many ways. Sometimes it is the simple recognition or insight of the person that snaps him out of the behavior and he’s able to stop on his own. However, a typical scenario first involves some form of intervention, followed by the change in behavior under new circumstances, location, supervision and activities. This may or may not be treatment, but we have seen the best results to be when loved ones step in and intervene before something more tragic happens and they get the person into an alcohol or drug rehab center.

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Is Addiction a Disease?

There has been a lot of ongoing research and observations about addiction, some of it with conflicting opinions on how to classify it. Is it a disease or not? It certainly is an illness of some type, usually a combination of mental and physical discomfort or problem. It absolutely is a dis-ease.

While we like to report on what his happening in the drug rehab and addiction recovery world and share news of studies and events on our blog, we tend to lean toward focusing much more on finding solutions to an individual’s substance abuse problem rather than trying to label it something. So, if calling it a disease helps that person recover through their chosen form of rehabilitation, then that is fantastic. If another person believes addiction is not a disease and he is able to step into a happy, drug-free life, then that is just as wonderful.

So, if you’re ready to get on the road to recovery and find a program that hopefully provides you with the path and tools to end addiction permanently, let us help you explore some treatment options.

Types of Addiction

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